The process of PCB design always starts with schematics. A schematic or a circuit diagram conveys the electrical connection between different electrical components like integrated circuits (IC) and discrete components. 



Once the schematic is imported to the PCB layout, we define the characteristics for each component and manually place them on the board. We take into consideration each requirement that should be meet in the result.

After PCB layout is approved for production, we export it into the format the manufacturer supports. We prepare a list of required files that completely describes the design requirements. Next step is testing of assembled PCB.



We are a company, that offers qualified embedded R&D services with in-depth knowledge in Concept – to – Product development.

We are capable of bringing your concept to realization in a relatively shortest development by applying thoughts.

Our consultative approach helps the customer to understand the “Need Vs Want” and hence our solutions are always cost-effective and shorter time to market.

One of our main advantages is building of trusted relationships with our clients where we show our competence and help to make successful products. 


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